Friday, March 19, 2010

Teal socks are in!

They are! They are! (Though I will never wear them).

Someone was wearing 80s style high top sneakers (ahem, Zach Morris) and sunglasses I swear I've seen Usher wear. Nevermind that this was not only in the subway, but also before the sun was actually up. Fashion statement made.

Today's soundtrack was brought to us by the 19 year old with impending hearing loss in the near future standing by the door.

I am not impressed by men who remove their shoes on the train, nor am I impressed by men with far too much hair product in their hair and their collared shirts unbuttoned just enough to see a cascade of chest hair. Way too early in the morning for that.

I do not envy the lady who had to bring her cello on the train with her this morning. That would stress me out.

My stop smelled like chocolate this morning. Thank you, Blommer Chocolate Factory for spreading your goodness throughout the downtown area. What a way to start a Friday!

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