Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe I'm a little OCD

Good morning, Chicago. It's actually a beautiful (but chilly) day, and I'm happy for that.

Remember a while back when I spoke about drive by parenting? Reread if you must...
It happened again this morning, only I was an innocent bystander unable to express my sympathy for the poor kid who was parented.

It was crowded, of course, and this kid who is no more than 13 or 14 was standing on the train trying to let more people on but also trying to keep his spot. Apparently his foot was too close to the door or something, because a man from the other side of the partition yelled "DON'T PUT YOUR FOOT THERE!"

Awwwww. That was completely unnecessary. Poor thing.
The worst part was that the man then looked around at all the riders who were now eying him in shock, rolled his eyes, shrugged and acted as if he was perfectly justified and we should all be agreeing with his anger. Wow. Relax.

In other news, I'm certain my OCD has kicked back in. My newest frustration? People who breathe with their mouths open on the train in close proximity to me.

Take for example this morning, when some dude breathed his nasty morning breath all over my hand through the first two stops. I moved and was fine for a couple of minutes...until he moved...and resumed breathing on my hand.

It just really grossed me out. I'm sorry if that's weird.

Side note: Dear girl who was standing on the super narrow escalators this morning. I hope it made you self conscious that so many people were trying to get around you this morning. It's ok to stand on an escalator when it is wide enough for two lanes of traffic, but when it's only wide enough for one at one of the busiest stops in the Loop, maybe...just maybe....you should take the elevator instead? Kthanks.

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