Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A list of why

Why do college boys always have the worst hygiene?
Why does Axe body spray insist on marketing itself as a shower alternative?
Why was there a bumper on the sidewalk next to someone's flower garden?
Why are there so many lawn gnomes in my neighborhood?
Why is Tuesday the worst day to ride the L?
Why do people forget their manners so quickly when it comes to exiting the train?
Why did no one offer the poor guy with the cast on his leg a seat?
Why is it so cold?
Why are there crocuses blooming next to poinsettias?
Why were the poinsettias plastic?
Why does this person have plastic poinsettias?
Why is the half french braid girl friends with unibrow dude?
Why do I not know what Lady Gaga REALLY looks like?
Why is there a bright orange desk decorated with an old printer doubling as a flower vase on the roof next to a platform?
Oh CTA, so many unanswered questions.

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