Monday, March 8, 2010

The Blue Line and My Own Suspicion

I love the smell of the Blue Line in the morning (not).

This morning as I boarded my train, there was standing room only--which is pretty normal and doesn't bother me at all. As I find a place to plant my feet, I settle in for a normal morning commute. Nothing different about that.

A man sitting in the seat next to where I was standing looked up at me and offered me his seat. I was stunned. This was so polite! It's a Monday morning! Bless his little commuter heart, what a gentleman. As I sat though, I grew suspicious about his motives.

Perhaps he was just being considerate and his mother raised him right.
Perhaps he thought I was elderly (most likely not).
*Gasp* Perhaps he thought I was an expectant mother!!!!! (Ohhhh I hope that's not the case....)
No, no, it can't be any of these things.
Then it dawned on me....
The train smelled particularly strong...maybe the seat he was sitting in was the source! Oh no. What a way for my Monday to start.

Cautiously I placed my hand on the seat trying to determine if I should move.

As it turns out...I have an overactive imagination and he really was just being kind. Go figure.

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