Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holy Crowds, CTA

I was reminded today how people don't actually know how to be aware of the space around them. I don't feel like I take up a significant amount of space when I'm standing...though I'm generally offered much less space than I'd like. Today I got pushed over a few times. It was weird...I'm not awake enough on my train ride in to stand my ground. Literally. I pretty much fell over.

Aside from the reminder that gravity is my enemy, I got to see this lady who annoys me to DEATH but is my favorite character of all time. I'm not sure if I've written about her before, but if I haven't, I've certainly meant to.

She is about a foot shorter than I am, never, ever smiles, and is the most aggressive CTA rider I've ever seen. In five years I've not seen anyone like this. She uses her height to her advantage and sneaks through the crowd to get right up to the front of the line to board the train, standing in the direct middle of where the doors will open. No one can get off until she gets on, and no one can get on with her, even though there is room enough for two people to board at once normally. She then plants herself as close to the doors as possible, stopping all traffic flow...because she has to be the first off the train at her stop.

It's sooooooo entertaining to watch but really irritating, too, because seriously, we're all getting on a train that has standing room only. There's not really a better standing spot. And the train isn't going to leave without you, lady. The conductor is onto you and your crazy skillz. Your determination is admirable.

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