Friday, October 22, 2010

Hippo Hats and Christina Applegate

For two days in a row, the CTA has loved me dearly. Anytime I need a bus or train, I walk up just at the perfect time to catch one. There has always been a seat or a perfect place to stand,  and it's been a leisurely and uneventful ride. Sad for my blogging, but happy for me. The CTA loves me...and that kind of freaks me out. A lot. It's like the CTA is buttering me up for something TERRIBLE. Oh man.

Today there was an old man wearing a hat with an airbrushed picture of a hippo on it. I loved that hat.

There was a lady who got on the train who looked like Christina Applegate a little. I assume she was with her mother, who also looked a little like Ms. Applegate. The daughter kept glaring at everyone around her, and at one point she grabbed her mom's hand and pointed out that she needed a manicure.

At least, that's what I assumed she said. I was at the other end of the train car, making up their conversation in my head. Maybe that's not normal to do? Oh well. Normal is relative, I suppose.

This is a side note, and only commuter related because it took place at Starbucks. I was standing in line trying not to tap my foot (I have to coach myself on acceptable behavior sometimes). The lady in front of me was ordering her beverage, and at the same time, was rearranging the gift cards that sit out front of the register. I don't think she realized she was doing it...just...compulsively rearranging these cards over and over and over again. It was strange. And now I will always think of that any time I purchase a gift card for anyone at Starbucks. "I wonder how many people have rearranged this?"

Also noteworthy: The sign on the subway for the Disney store. Their slogan: "Adventure awaits you." Someone wrote under the slogan  "in prison, so pay your taxes."

I think a valuable lesson can be learned by all. Pay your taxes. Wear a hippo hat. And, make sure to point out how desperately your mother needs a manicure.


  1. In answer to your wondering: _I_ have rearranged those gift cards.

  2. I have no trouble believing that.