Monday, May 3, 2010

Man Space

I'm a little tired of dudes taking up one and a half seats. It's like a snuggle fest on the train every day. In the winter I was fine with this...I know it's a tad creepy, but seriously, Chicago winters are brutal and I'll take extra warmth wherever I can find it. Pretty soon though our temps are going to top out at 80 and 90 degrees, and I don't want to smell test everyone's deodorant just because some dude has decided to be selfish with the seats.

Like today, for example.

I haven't ever sat that close to somebody I wasn't dating.

Does this mean we're dating now, random Blue Line stranger? Because if it does, I'm really, really confused.

Ok that makes no sense at all, but I'm trying to make a point. Putting your red eye on the seat next to you does not work like those jerkfaces who take up four parking spots at Target because they don't want their nice new Escalade or whatever you kids are driving these days to get a lil scratch on it. You can't claim two for you and one for your newspaper...

Also, last week a gentleman told me he was the ugliest king of the mountain, and then asked me to join his club. I'm still baffled as to how I should have responded. . . But it was the highlight of my commuting experience!

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