Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I spotted my lovely friend in the same train car that I was in on my way home from work.
Our conversation via text message across the crowded car was priceless, and went as follows:

Me:The guy in the white shirt to your left is a total looker
A:The one who is trying to elbow my eye out? Duuuuuude. Watch it.
Me:Hot, but dumb? 
A:Nope. Flat buns.

A:Not butt. But dumb. Disregard me.
A:He's much to fidgety
Me: Bahahaha he just picked his nose. Also, someone stepped on my sandal resulting in bare foot on the subway. Resisting panic. . .
A: Breathe in. Breathe out. Namaste.
Me: Aaaand he caught me smiling. Little does he know, he's my next blog.
A: Nose picker, you will not be missed.
Me: Best blue line ride in a long time. 
A: Our powers combined, me thinks.
Me: For sure. It's amazing the whole transit system hasn't exploded. our wordless magnetism that beckons the strange is pretty powerful.

It also might be foot freak out day on the L. I accidentally bumped somebody's leg with my foot today as I was getting ready to get up from my seat. I was wearing flip flops...he was wearing shorts. Bare foot+bare leg=a whole lot of neurotic freak outs that had to be stifled as I ran out of the train car so I wouldn't have to think about it.

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