Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 Days After the CTA Apocalypse

Two days after what sounded like the CTA Apocalypse....here is my recap.

(I will need to preface with this: The last time I lived in a city other than Chicago was outside the United States. The public transit system changed frequently. "Why, however did they handle it?" you might ask. I will tell you.

Everyone went on strike. The city stopped moving, and you just didn't get very far if you had to rely on public transportation.

My perspective might be a little different on these CTA cuts...because...well...everything still runs, however inconvenient the schedule may be.)

Sunday was a little boring. By boring I mean...waiting for forever for the bus was really boring. At least there was sun.

Monday I left ten minutes early after hovering over Bus Tracker while I got ready for work. I arrived at work early, and even had a place to sit on the bus and train. I thought to myself "This won't be so bad."

I boarded the train Monday evening and everything was as normal as could be. (Normal is relative, this you should all know already). I even exited the train to walk right up to the bus I needed! That NEVER happens! "Maybe the CTA is working in my favor and now LOVES me," I thought.

Then I actually boarded the bus. It was the most awkward bus I'd seen. It had one bench seat facing opposite of everything else. It was the only seat, and the standing room was crowded, so I took it.

Big. Mistake.

I wound up staring at about six people with no good place to look. It was unfortunate. I turned so I was facing the aisle, and just when I thought things couldn't get any more uncomfortable...

...The man next to me put his arm around my shoulder.

I took the next available seat immediately.

Ew. Ew. Ew.

This morning I heard on the news that CTA was recommending we leave 45-60 minutes early for our commute.

I don't get up in time to leave that early. I left ten minutes early.

The bus was packed before 7, which wouldn't be an issue if I hadn't: (multiple choice question to follow...)
a)Given up caffeine this week
b)been hit in the face with an elbow
c)been hit in the face in a backpack
d)been hit in the face with an umbrella
e)all of the above

For those of you who also suffer from option "a" the correct answer to the multiple choice problem is e)all of the above.


Happy Tuesday!

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