Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One branch short of a Christmas tree

Seriously. She was chewing on a pine branch. As the intercom announced that the train would be arriving shortly, she repeated the phrase over and over as she munched on her pine-fresh breakfast.
She then said "go ahead, talk to the shrink. Go ahead, tell the shrink." Over. And over. And over.

It was weird. I haven't seen something that strange since the fruit stand lady.

On the way home, I was doing a crossword in the RedEye like the crazy old person that I am. A lady sat next to me, doing the same crossword. She eyed my page, gave me a little glare, and promptly moved to a different seat. I never did figure out what #57 across was, we could have swapped notes!

Yesterday, I saw the ever feared murse. A man carrying a purse. I think he thought it was a delightful brief case, but my own purse was about the same size...and similar style, come to think of it.

A Jonas Brother (OMGoodness!!!!) Or their biggest fan, perhaps, boarded the train. He seemed quite pleased with his punky hairstyle, but no one really cares at 6 in the morning.

And finally, in honor of the late King of Pop, the above photo is a purse that draws its fashion inspiration from Thriller.

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