Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm baaaaack.

I realized that while my commuting is now limited to a few public transit rides every week or two, commuting comes in all forms.

Take, for example, the walk home from the subway yesterday.

There are various types of walkers in the city. Not like Walker, Texas Ranger walkers, but various styles of strides and steps, and determination. Determination is key.

When I walk, I walk as much in a straight line as I possibly can. I go from point A to point B with relative swiftness, always on a mission. Very rarely do I wander, saunter, stagger, or provide the intriguing unpredictability of the only person on the sidewalker.

Wanderers: Wanderers tend to not seem like they know where they are going. They don't really have a point B. Everyone has a point A, but wanderers might find themselves at point C, D, F and M before finding point B.

Saunterers: Generally well dressed and often mistaken for swift, mission oriented walkers, Saunterers appear as if they have a point B, however their point B generally tends to mosey it's way over to "Bbbbbe impressed that I'm so well dressed and have a freshly laser whitened smile and new hair plugs."

Staggerers: The staggerer can be anyone. Those under the influence of illegal substances, those who are generally just tired, or in this city, those who have a hard time keeping their balance in the wind.

Only person on the sidewalker: This is the most frequent of all the types that I find here. Never do they realize that someone is walking behind them, or that they should probably keep to one side of the sidewalk. The moment someone tries to walk around them, they instinctively move into their pathway, thus forcing the person to drop their pace until a crosswalk is reached.

I ran into the only person multiple times yesterday. I finally just went home and decided not to face the sidewalks until tomorrow.

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