Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Commuterology wrap up

My daily commute is over. Sadly. There were not tears however. I much prefer a two minute commute over a two hour commute. There aren't as many people to watch though.

I would like to share with you the story of the elderly, angry couple.

A few weeks ago (time flies) an elderly couple boarded the train. The wife immediately began shouting at her husband. "Just sit down! Just sit there!" So obediently, like a puppy, he did. Then when the spot next to her opened up, again she barked "Are you going to stay there or sit here??" The two proceeded to interact as such, while the man called the manufacturer for his electric razor because the cord was broken. They then got into a yelling match about why they hate Best Buy, and why it was necessary for him to call the manufacturer instead of buying another razor.

Life is too short my friends, life is too short.
I was so embarrassed for them, and as I listened, could not help but giggle a little. Childish as they were, they did not seem to notice that others were staring. Then I was laughing ridiculously hard, and everyone on the train stared at me instead of them.

They should thank me. I drew the attention away from their marital problems.

Tom Selleck the conductor was back. Apparently he was on his honeymoon, as he returned wearing a wedding ring. This did nothing to curb his wink and smile habit though, as he resumed normal flirtatious patterns as soon as he saw me and two of the other regular riders.

Sooooo creepy.

As I wrap up my summer of commuting, I hope to never forget the crazy and interesting things I have seen. There was a comfort and familiarity in riding the train. I sat in the same car and began to form a wordless friendship with those whom I saw daily.

Except the conductor. That was not a wordless friendship. That was one thousand words for "Creepy."

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