Friday, August 20, 2010

I don't ride my bicycle

Because I am afraid I would be injured or done away with by my loving CTA.

Riding home last week on my beloved bus, I unsuspectingly took an empty seat. Innocuous enough. It was a pretty full bus, but it was the little punks who think they can't MOVE TO THE BACK OF THE BUS that were making it so full. I sat down, and the weird guy next to me said "Why stand when you can sit, right?" Right you are, Weirdy. Right you are. He continued to awkwardly look at me periodically...and then got off of the bus one block before my street. That doesn't make me uncomfortable at all. I just love when I learn weird people live in my neighborhood.

As you have probably noticed...the things that weird me out are probably just every day occurrences that I happen to over dramatize. So what? My life is far more entertaining this way.

This morning I was in a car (*gasp!* I will write my apology letter to the CTA and the environment later [ha. al gore. ha]. But considering the CTA and I have a very unhealthy and co dependent relationship, I don't feel the least bit guilty about it) and I saw a gentleman waiting for a bus. I use the term "gentleman" loosely.

He was probably 21, nice looking, khaki shorts, polo...nothing too out of the ordinary....until I saw him pulling at a wedgie (classy, I know. I shudder to type that word...wedgie...but there's really no other way to put it, and the story simply must be told) and noticed he was wearing white socks with his adidas athletic sandals. Ohmygoodnesswholetyououtofthehouselikethat????

Poor guy. Probably thought I was staring at him for totally different reasons.

A special thank you to Postcards for letting me chill out on their blogroll. I'm not tech savvy enough to make it really evident that I'm following them as a blogger, so here is a plug for them as a thank you.

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