Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I wish I could repeat to you the conversation I overheard today on the train, but it goes against my own moral code to relay the information. Let's just say it was crazy and shocking.

Today the train was already crowded before 7am. I am also having problems with my CTA card again. I think they just don't like me...but it could be that I'm too non-confrontational to speak up. Lamesauce. (Yes, I know that phrase is lame, but I've started using it a lot, get used to it).

There was a gentleman on the Blue line this morning with a cup of coffee in hand. That didn't strike me as abnormal, but what did tip me off to his slight lack of social awareness when we made eye contact and he got all bug eyed. It was weird, and I think maybe he had way too much caffeine already, or I had not enough caffeine at all, but, sir, your bug eyed glances were not welcome.

The advantage to speaking another language or two other than English is that you can understand multiple conversations when people think you're clueless. I enjoy this. It's mildly unethical, and most certainly rude, but I do enjoy a little eavesdropping now and again.

Today the ratio of normal to crazy was very disproportionate. Very. In favor of the crazies.

In other news....yesterday I saw the Pirate man again. I really wanted to stay on the train so I could stare at him...but again, that's rude, and really creepy, and I needed to get home.

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you crack me up, so write a book already.