Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I always like the cozy CTA rides.

I have this, well, problem. I call it a "problem" because even though it's comedic and usually isn't offensive, sometimes it does not work to my benefit.

I communicate entirely way too much through facial expression.

No words are necessary for people to know exactly what I am thinking. So, when I was waiting for the bus at peak rush hour and saw that it was actually "Sardine hour" I thought "I will not give angry glares, I will not express my frustration. This is not anyone's fault, it's just Chicago right after work. This is my life...."

Apparently my pep talk didn't work. I climbed on the bus, and the bus driver started laughing at me right away. "It's ok, I get to run express now, we're at CA-PA-CI-TY." He kept going on and on about how crowded the bus was until I started laughing. "See, now she's cracking up over here." You are correct sir, now I'm cracking up. You've actually made my evening. Thank you, new favorite bus driver.

In other sardine related news...sometimes the sardine factor works to my benefit on particularly crowded days. I may not have a place to sit or even a bar to hold onto, but I'm packed so tightly in a sea of people that it doesn't quite matter. I'm not going anywhere for several stops.

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