Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drive-by parenting

"You should be careful. You can feel your knee on the seat in front of you," said the man with the SUPER bad hair piece.
I had just been scolded by a stranger. (cringe).

Really? Really? I apologized. He got off the train at that very stop.

Now, I understand that it is a tight train right, and I also understand that I have very long legs. I noted that my legs were not, in fact, even touching the seat in front of me.
Ladies and gentleman, if someone is bothering you during your ride, say something at the time of the event. Do not wait until there is no possible consequence to your criticism, yell at someone and quickly exit the train.

I don't need someone to parent me on the train. Really.

And don't ever wear a hair piece.

The conductor with the 'stache is back. Only now it's a goatee. Niiiiiiiice. Doesn't take the edge of the creepiness at all.

There's a man that gets on the train at the same station I do every day. He has to be at least 6'5" tall, almost as wide as he is tall. He ALWAYS has some weird banter in the morning, whether it involves how close he is to the the exact spot where the train door opens or some rude or obnoxious comment toward some fellow commuters. Today I even saw him smack another commuter in the belly, obviously intended as a friendly gesture...if you were twelve...but no one on that train was twelve this morning.

Please sir, I beg of you, keep your comments, gestures, and overall extreme friendliness a little lower key, for everyone's sake.

Did I mention he enters the train from the left side of the stairs every morning, only to cross in front of everyone and turn right from the far left staircase. Every morning. Maybe he would catch on by now, noting that he had trouble getting to his seat due to high traffic flow (caused by him) but no, he remains oblivious to the amount of cutting others off he does. Let's be courteous. Take the right hand side of the stairs if you intend to enter the car to your right. It just makes sense.

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