Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Morning...

Well, Stache man said "Good morning" to me today. I can't decide if it brings his stalker vibe down or up a notch. I'll have to give it some time.

The man who sat next to me also said "Good morning." He was the first very polite person I've found on the train. He let me go before him. This was a polite morning. Someone else held the door for me out of the station--that hardly ever happens, and the person who held the door was my age, which is even rarer. My generation seems to have lost the idea of general manners. But today was the rare occasion I ran into someone whose mother taught them well.

The man that sits outside of the Starbucks I pass every day said "Good morning" to me. He says good morning to me every morning. He's nice.

Then a couple of random weirdies said "Good morning" as I walked past them on the last block before work.

I did not say "Good morning" back. I wasn't "good morning-ed" out, it's just that the greeting was completely unwarranted.

Say "Good Morning" to someone on your commute. It might make their day, or at least give them something to blog about.

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